Artist Statement

The rural Blue Ridge Mountains shaped my interactions with the world and my artwork. I grew up closely observing natural growth patterns and cycles of transformation. I am inspired by intricacies of organic growth and structures of decay. I draw from sources as diverse as the rigid lace-like skeletal remains of a leaf and the fluid movement of water or flame. My ceramic sculptures refer to the asymmetrical balance of nature, imperfection and impermanence.

I alter soft clay forms with curves that are gestural and inviting, balancing full form with skeletal voids. In the wood kiln, the accumulation of wood ash accentuates these voluptuous forms with colorful flashing marks and textural variations. From the prolonged and volatile atmosphere of the kiln, each piece emerges exhibiting nuanced surfaces and dramatic geologic distortions.

Wood firing has informed the evolution of my aesthetic. The altering and intricate carving in my work requires patience, attention to detail, and serves to ironically and joyfully contradict the anticipated vagaries of firing with wood.

I deliberately push my material limits. Seeking out avenues of the unexpected, I explore the thresholds of materials and processes. Merging refined skill with contingent systems affords compelling opportunities for continual transformation and growth.

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Please email with any questions about my process, instruction, displaying work, or simply to say hello. I’ll be happy to connect with you.